BritTherm DP15 Domestic Pro 15-60/130 Pump

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The Domestic Pro 15-60/130 is a Modulating Semi-Automatic Domestic Heating Circulator with a standard 1 ½” threaded connection. It has a port-to-port distance of 130mm and produces a maximum head of 6 meters making it perfect both for replacements and for new installations in domestic heating systems.

Domestic Pro 15-60/130 is our most technologically advanced version, energy efficient circulator, with an EEI≤ 0.20 and designed by us for use in heating, air conditioning, recirculation applications. *The benchmark for the most efficient circulators is EEI ≤ 0.20

Each Domestic Pro 15-60/130 pump has 9 automatic operating modes. The first three modes I, II, III are constant pump speed modes. Two modes CP1, CP2 are constant pressure maintenance regardless of the flow rate, which are most suitable for underfloor heating systems and for two-row heating systems with small flow variations. The next two modes PP1 and PP2 - react to differential pressure in the system, where higher flow means higher differential pressure and they are optimally used in single-level heating systems with large flow variations. AUTO mode analyses the heating system and automatically selects the optimum pump operating mode, with minimum energy consumption. NIGHT MODE reduces electricity consumption to a minimum, thanks to the energy-saving function.


Manufacturer Models
Grundfos UP, UPS, UPSD, UPS2, UPS3 & Alpha (15-50, 15-60 & 25-60 models)
Wilo Yonos Pico 15/1-6-130, Gold, Gold Star, Gold 50, 60 & RS25
DAB VA55/130 & VA65/130, Evotron 60/130, Evosta 40/70 & Evosta3 60/130