Flamco 20100 Flexfiller Direct G4 Pumpless Pressurisation Unit

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20100 - Flexfiller Direct G4 Pumpless Pressurisation Unit

20100 - Flexfiller Direct G4 - Topping Up | Flamco Group

Article Information

Description - Flexfiller Direct G4
Order Code - 20100
GTIN - 08712874201002
Connections System [mm] - 15 (compression)
Mains Supply [mm]
15 (compression)
Drain (Tundish) - 34" BSP
Standby Power Consumption [W] 2
Full Load Current [A] 0.3
Weight [kg] 4

The Flexfiller Direct G4 is the latest in pumpless digital pressurisation technology for light commercial and residential buildings. It’s a slim, wall-mounted pumpless top-up pressurisation unit, with a top-up flow rate of up to 14 l/min depending on the mains or boosted mains, water pressure. It is designed to be connected directly to a building’s incoming water supply using the included flexible hose. It is there to fill and maintain the pressure of a heating or chilled water system without the need for a pump. The unit comes with a user-friendly controller that displays all operating and error conditions comprehensibly and conveniently. It features extensive data storage for online and offline analysis, microprocessor control, and self-learning algorithms with a graphical display. It comes with MODBUS RTU and BACnet communication protocols as standard and has its key operating parameters password protected.

Product features

  • Silent, pumpless pressurisation unit.
  • Fills system from empty.
  • For system volumes up to 50,000 litres.
  • Onscreen service reminder (12 months).
  • Colours: Grey (RAL7016) and Red (RAL3002).
  • Password protected.
  • Pressure setting in 0.1 bar increments.
  • Flood protection (Runtime limiter and excessive activation logging).
  • Volt free contact: Common alarm (N/C or N/O), fully programmable for specific alarms customisable via control unit).
  • Extensive data storage for online or offline analysis.
  • Advanced technology ensures the lowest power consumption, long service life and easy maintenance.
  • Microprocessor control, self-learning with graphical display.
  • Max. flow rate of 14 l/min.
  • Connects directly to the mains (boosted) water mains, via included flexible hose (L = 400 mm).