Flamco 27740 Flexvent AAV 1/2"

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Flamco 27740 Flexvent 1/2" AAV

The compact, proven design has high efficiency and guaranteed operation for heating and air conditioning.
The water within the installation contains air which can form corrosion and reduce the thermal transfer. A Flexvent is fitted at places where the air collects.

Float operated, the air is collected in the Flexvent causing the float to drop and open the air release valve. The water pressure then pushes the air out, the float rises and closes the valve.
The air cushion in the upper part of each Flexvent protects the valve seat against contamination.

With protective cap including expansion sealer rings to prevent leaks.Substantial distance between the water and the closing mechanism, reducing the chance of contamination.Most types are equipped with a shut-off valve for easy fitting and dismantling.A Flexvent float vent is easy to fit in any installation due to its very small dimensions.The relatively large air cushion at the top of each type of Flexvent float vent protects the valve seat sufficiently against contamination, so that the Flexvent will not leak.To guarantee top quality, we test all Flexvents before they leave our facility!